Why Rugby Players Are Sexier Than Any Other Sport

Rugby is a sport that embraces certain values created 150 years ago, in fact, 2021 it celebrates one and a half centuries of this glorious and ever expanding sport. Although rugby started in the city of Rugby in the UK in 1823 when a schoolboy of Rugby School ran with the ball during a football match which caught the imagination of players and staff to develop it until the RFU, Rugby Football Union was officially formed in 1871, the sport of rugby takes its name in honour of the city of Rugby where it all began and the RWC, Rugby World Cup is named after the schoolboy, William Webb Ellis like the FIFA World Cup is called the Jules Rimet Cup in honour of the man who organised the first ever world cup competition.

During these 150 years of rugby we have seen rugby players become fitter, stronger and faster thanks to technological advances in physical training methods and the nutritional and diet fields. The forwards known for their bulkiness but were slow movers now look trim and muscular and some of them are excellent sprinters considering their huge frames. The backs are the lighter guys than run as fast as gazelles have become muscled-honed six-pack agile racers allowing them to run at Olympic athlete levels and capable of lightning fast darting runs reaching over 36 km per hour with a ball under an arm. Yes, rugby is sexy, it has become sexy and spectators appreciate seeing their team defend the try line from the opposition with crushing strength and ability. For the uninitiated or unfamiliar with rugby it might seem violent at first watching these gladiators of rugby pummelling each other, going head to head without fear but it is technique and playing to your physical strengths and how hard you are. Physical size, weight or height assisted with technique and experience can produce surprising results such as a player of 1.70m taking down a giant of over 2m tall with a textbook tackle makes rugby exciting and sexy whether it is a male or female rugby match.


The rugby player’s attire is important too as it is a full contact sport and baggy clothing would give an advantage to an opposing player by making it easier to grasp or hold the shirt or shorts in a tackle and even rip them off if the material is not up to it. So, today’s modern team kits are made of durable and tight fitting materials to lessen tearing and reducing the chances to grab a handful. When the players come on to the field the crowd get to see these physically and finely tuned athletes in figure hugging shirts and shorts showing the contours of all the gym trained muscular torsos and legs with shorts that kind of remind you of football player shorts worn in the 70s and 80s. Everyone looks good and they have not even started playing yet, rugby is sexy and players getting sexier in the modern era. This has prompted international sponsors to engage with rugby federations and tournaments in a big way. One of the sexiest and most successful teams on gaining sponsorship has been the All Blacks from New Zealand, the entire team has participated in commercials for TV promoting products and the game of rugby portraying its core values of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportspersonship, a very lucrative adventure for them and N. Zealand rugby.

Rugby teaches you more than just being able to play it, it is well-known for building character through its core values which prevail even after 150 years. The character of a united team also inspires those who watch it and evidently increases the team’s sexiness as a result. Quite often you will see players fight tooth and nail for the ball but after help each other up from the grass, this respect shown at times during a game also heightens the sexiness and it is contagious, a player just gets sexier for it. Rugby players are tough but skilled and sexier than any other sport as the last RWC in Japan proved. The largest ever spectators at and almost a billion people world wide watching the games on TV. The next sexy and it will be sexier than ever RWC because it is the women’s tournament in New Zealand in 2021 followed by France in 2023 with the men’s version. France itself has a reputation for being romantic and the rugby world cup players arriving it is going to be super sexy explosive!

The sexiness can also be harnessed by non-playing member of the public as in a recent study conducted by a golf club research project using the Tinder dating platform. A female and male account was created without a sporting activity listed to observe user’s reactions to it. Then, the accounts were updated with sports activities listed and the results were astonishing. The male account received a massive increase in female matches if the man listed rugby as his sporting activity more than weightlifting and golf which took 2nd and 3rd place on the amount of matches on the Tinder website. This proves that rugby and rugby players are the sexiest more than any other sport. Basically, to impress a girl it is enough to say you play rugby, now how sexy is that !! No wonder the game of rugby is gaining popularity in countries not usually associated with rugby like Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. However, inversely men did not react so enthusiastically towards women who listed rugby as their sport on Tinder, that might change when the WRWC is staged this year in New Zealand although on the Pinterest website it is the opposite where women rugby players are featured and have mustered quite a lot of interest. It is very true that women’s rugby has taken off in the last few years and continues to attract the more emancipated woman to the sport and is growing at a faster rate than their counterparts.


It’s hip to be a rugby player and this sport is destined to be sexier than ever as rugby gains more and more support worldwide, so, get down to your local club and give it a go because rugby is all inclusive and the social aspects that you will discover in the environment epitomises the whole essence of the game whether you play sexy or spectate sexy, rugby is the sexiest sport on earth now, and the Krakow Rugby Festival is probably the sexiest rugby festival there is !